CityVision is NOT a Law Firm, and is not engaged in rendering legal services or giving legal advice.  Any product, service, or opinion generated by CityVision is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.  Consumers who require legal, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy or mortgage modification services or assistance are instructed to retain a competent attorney.

CityVision is NOT a lender or mortgage broker, nor is CityVision engaged in the brokerage, origination, processing, or underwriting of mortgage loans for lending purposes.  CityVision does not provide modifications, or modification services, nor does the firm assist or provide short sales, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, or extensions of time to cure defaults or reinstate loans. CityVision is NOT a settlement service provider as defined by RESPA.

CityVision is NOT in the business of Credit Counseling, nor is CityVision in the business of giving credit repair advice, and will not assist a consumer to lower their bills, negotiate or lower a borrower's credit balances, or improve a consumer's FICO scores or credit standing.

CityVision is NOT a housing provider, nor is CityVision in the business of providing housing.

CityVision maintains all confidential information and documents submitted to facilitate the provision of its products and services in the strictest confidence, and uses documentation delivery services that ensure a consumer’s privacy is maintained.  CityVision does not sell/release information and/or documents to any third party and does not report any data to credit bureaus.  

CityVision does not stop, prevent, or postpone foreclosures.  Consumers who require such services should seek the services of an attorney.


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